Why get involved with cars, racing and autosport?

For the excitement and thrill of it.

But! Not only for these reasons.

Whether you are looking to grow your business through marketing, reward your clients with exciting events, rents cars for summer and winter driving or perhaps start racing your self – Race Promotion can be your partner in achieving your goals.



We deliver management services for professional and amateur drivers, ranging from full management services to simple career advice.

Our goal is to help to craft, develop and strengthen a driver, aiding their talent and building their ability, to create winning results.

Services are custom made regarding every drivers individuality and goals.


Marketing & promotional services through international autosport.

Whether your company strategy is to entertain clients trackside, advertise through racing or understand the value of a race car sponsorship, Race Promotion can review your needs and goals to offer you the best suited solutions.


The best driver development method.

No matter if your are a professional, driving enthusiast or just starting. Join the ice driving experience in Estonia with TOP driving instructors at your service.

We offer cars for renting, both during summer and winter months. Visit our ice driving website to learn more about the rental services.

Work with us! Let’s talk cooperation.